Coffee Bean Canister Stainless Steel with Gas Valve 咖啡罐

RM 38.00

MODERN, STAINLESS STEEL DESIGN: coffee canisters are the ultimate storage solution to properly store your coffee. Crafted of non-reactive, high quality stainless steel, displays attractively on your kitchen counter. 

COFFEE LASTS LONGER, WICOVALVE TECHNOLOGY: The avid coffee lover knows that good coffee is an investment. Never sacrifice the freshness of your grounds and beans again.  coffee canisters are equipped with a unique one-way filter. This filter has been designed to protect your roasted coffee from exposure to oxygen, moisture, and light. 

AIRTIGHT LID, EASY-SEAL BAIL CLIP: Featuring an airtight sealed lid specially designed to protect the aroma, flavor and taste of your favorite coffee blends. Maintain maximum freshness using the easy-seal bail clip. Quickly and effortlessly open and secure the container limiting light and moisture from entering. 

FRESHNESS TRACKER, CALENDAR WHEEL: Take the guess work out of storing your coffee and maintaining its freshness. Our coffee canisters include a date tracking calendar wheel integrated in the lid. Use this adjustable calendar to set the date you roasted or stored your coffee so you always know the expiration date.