Coffee Beans - [AB] Roasted Arabica Harmony Medium Dark Roast.

RM 45.00

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The very FIRST, SIGNATURE, and BEST-SELLING, ABeans in-house espresso blend created with heart and passion. The idea behind our Harmony blend is simple: aimed to combine sweetness and medium body coffee to give all our coffee lovers a delightful experience with this smooth yet characterful cuppa coffee. It's about balance and cramming as much aromatic sweetness and peacefulness into the cup.

Medium Roasted Harmony consists of Brazil-Minas Gerais, Colombia Tolima, and Sumatra Gayo Ratawali.

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Dark chocolate nutty when paired with milk and comes with a honey sweetness aftertaste.

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Make a Harmonious cup of your Latte, Flat White, Cappuccino, Dirty Latte, and however you like it!

RECIPE: We recommend the following recipe as a starting point

Dose                                    18 grams                            
Brew Temperature
 94ºC - 94.5ºC
Brew Time
 26 - 32 sec
Brew Ratio
Brew Weight
 36 grams

*This profile and recipe were developed as a reference for the start of your espresso calibration, and not an absolute as different machines extract differently.

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